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When Will My Deposit Post To My Account?

Banking Advice | January 3, 2019

Helpful Information about Our Processing & Cutoff Times

Considering the conveniences of moving funds electronically through online banking (for personal and for business) or depositing your checks via mobile deposit without having to actually stop by the bank, it’s important to stay on top of when deposits and/or transfers need to be made or scheduled by in order for your transactions to post to your account the same business day.

Business Day Deadline Service Type Details
2:00pm (CST)  ACH ACH deposits must be submitted by 2pm.
3:00pm (CST)  Wire Transfer Wire Transfers must be submitted by 3pm.
5:00pm (CST)  Mobile & Remote Deposits

Business check deposits via remote capture and check deposits through the mobile banking app must be submitted by 5pm.

5:30pm (CST)  Internal Transfers

Any electronic fund transfers between
Home Federal accounts (internally) must be submitted by 5:30pm.

If the above cutoff deadlines are not met, your transaction will not be processed and posted to your account on the same business day. If your transaction is scheduled or submitted after the cutoff times listed above, your transaction will process and post to your account on the following business day. Deposits and/or transfers scheduled on the weekends (Saturday/Sunday) will process the following business day (Monday). Holidays in which the bank is closed are not considered business days.

Please note, there are some cases in which same-day transaction processing may not be available. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about a transaction.

Home Federal's Processing Time

After making a purchase with your Home Federal debit card, your transaction will show up to your account on your online and mobile banking portals almost instantly. However, the text will be in red, displaying the transaction as “Pending.” While the pending transaction amount will be accounted for within the displayed balance, it will not officially post to your account history (non-red) until daily processing occurs.

Every weekday evening (excluding holidays), all the transactions that your local Home Federal bankers have verified and approved during the day process through to officially post to your account. During this time, your pending transactions may not appear on your account history (even as a red pending transaction) but, rest assured, the balance displayed for your account is accurate and accounts for all pending transactions – even if they seem to have “disappeared” momentarily from your account history.

It's important to monitor your account history.

Keeping an eye on the transactions posted to your online and mobile banking account history on a regular basis is important for two main reasons:

  1. Like balancing your checkbook, it keeps you on top of your account balance and minimizes overdrafts.
  2. You’re able to catch potential suspicious activity in a timely manner, helping to protect yourself from fraud. (Find out more about security and fraud prevention.)

Should you ever have any questions about a pending or posted transaction, or even if you suspect a transaction is fraudulent, don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Federal Client Services at 888.489.5355.

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