Planning Tools

Your financial well-being is important to us, and different stages or circumstances in life can affect your financial situation. Use this page to find resources and tools to help you plan and be better prepared for anything life may surprise you with.


A dream come true day you'll remember the rest of your lives! You may need to:

Open a joint checking account

Whether your money is pooled together or managed separately, combining online banking with one of our Advantage Checking Accounts is an excellent way to track expenses and define a household budget.

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Buy a Home

Buying a home, especially your first, is an exciting time in everyone's life. We want to be the first to welcome you into your new home by providing a multitude of home buying options.

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Update your financial planning

Now's the time for a free financial check-up, including a critical update in your named beneficiaries. Plan for today and tomorrow!

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Congratulations! Whether you are a brand new parent or growing your family, a new baby guarantees major changes in your life. You may need to:

Your family is ever-evolving, ever-changing. No matter the event, you may find your financial future changing too.

Start a College Fund

If college is a part of your financial planning goals for your new addition, we can help. A college fund helps you save for a college education, deferring taxes, or even tax-free.

Buy a Larger Home

A new baby may also mean a new place to call home. Whether you want to relocate closer to schools or need more space for baby to roam, Home Federal wants to be your next mortgage lender.

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Buy a Larger Automobile

Does your car fit your new family size? Let us pre-approve you for an auto loan. It's one of the easiest things you can do for your growing family.

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Update Your Financial Planning

Now's the time for a free financial check-up. Plan for today and tomorrow.


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Caring for Family:

There's hardly a more difficult situation than juggling family responsibilities on two fronts – with a duty to your own children and also to an aging parent. Take care of your own life needs to be strongly positioned for others:

There are many practical ways to streamline management of multiple sets of finances. From online money management tools to personal assistance changing accounts and automatic payments, Home Federal can help with all the resources you need in one location. Speak to your banker about:
Right-Size your Home

Many from the "sandwich" generation are selling their parents' home and inviting mom or dad to live with them. Renovating or adding an extra room may be more affordable than you think!

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Prepare for Retirement

It's important for you to continue your own retirement plans! Careful preparation can eliminate the worry of passing on a financial burden to your own children. Now's the time for a free financial check-up.

Contingency Plans

As uncomfortable as it may seem, this is a critical time to learn as much as you can about family wishes and preferences and plans that are already in place. Though Home Federal cannot offer counseling or legal advice, we want to be of service to you wherever we can. We encourage you to explore the following areas:

  • Verify the existence of, update, or establish wills, guardianship for any minors, and powers of attorney for both your parents and yourselves (Consult a legal advisor.)
  • Keep good financial and tax records for your own and your parents' holdings and ensure executors and heirs know where to find them (Consult a tax advisor.)
  • Be aware of or establish pre-paid burial plans
  • Maintain an up-to-date and readily-accessible list of all insurance policies, investments, bank relationships, etc. for your own estate and also that of your parents
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Losing a loved one is emotionally draining and overwhelming. Yet, as the surviving spouse, there are still many important financial considerations after immediate arrangements are made with the help of family. Please allow us to help you determine your choices with your:


Allow an appropriate amount of time to pass before deciding to move or sell. You'll want to make an informed decision based less on emotion or fear and more on financial considerations. If you decide to keep the homestead, consider a refinance. Refinancing your home could lower your payment to fit your current single income circumstance.

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Insurance Proceeds

Reinvesting any life insurance proceeds should be carefully considered. Having professional advice during this difficult time is critical to keeping your estate healthy and meeting your independent living goals.

Change in marital status

Changing titles on your assets, claiming your spouse's retirement accounts or life insurance policies, and updating your insurance policies and beneficiaries should be discussed with financial professionals. Home Federal has financial advisors on staff to help you make informed decisions and to checklist all areas in need of change.

Personal Savings Plan

If you've been saving for your child or grandchild's education, let Home Federal show you ways to sustain your support. Options such as a regular sweep from a checking or Money Market account or interest sweep from CDs can be a wonderful way to continue your contributions, even at a reduced rate, if necessary.

Joint Checking Account

Sharing money throughout your marriage requires trust and financial communication. When your spouse dies you become the legal owner of the joint checking account. Transferring legal ownership of the account to your name is important. To do so requires a copy of the death certificate and a visit with your Banker. You may also need to notify a retirement payment agency such as the Social Security Office. This will help you avoid incorrect payments of a direct deposit or automatic draft coming into or out of the joint checking account.

If you are not a joint owner on the account, then your rights and/or access cease to exist. The administrator of the estate will be provided all information concerning the joint account. However, if the account has a named or designated beneficiary, the funds would be paid to the beneficiary once the death certificate is submitted.

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Unlike many things you purchase, a college education always appreciates in value. While grants, scholarships, and federal student loans will be your first choice to fund college, Home Federal offers services to manage and stretch that money further.

You understand the value and importance of an education, and want to pass that on to your child. With the rising costs of college education, let Home Federal help you stretch your money along the way.

Advantage Checking Accounts

Simplify your student's life with many online features such as bill-pay and custom alerts – A must-have for parents with children away at school.

Home Equity Loan

The equity you've built in your home may be just the savings you need to put your child or grandchild through college.


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Congratulations on your decision to further your education! Juggling life's demands while attending school can be a challenge, but Home Federal can help you manage your financial life successfully.

Advantage Checking Accounts

Choose one of our Advantage Checking Accounts and earn interest or rewards points based on your banking needs.

Home Equity Loan

The equity you've built in your home may be just the savings you need to accomplish your academic goals.

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Whether you're moving up the career ladder, reaching the freedom of retirement, or meeting the exciting challenge of starting your business, Home Federal can help every step of the way.

While celebrating your career move, don't be too quick to move on to a new business without considering a few other changes:


From basic checking needs to analyzed checking for businesses that require greater treasury management (formerly cash management) control, Home Federal has an account to suit your business.

Loans and Lines of Credit

Manage your cash flow during seasonal or business fluctuations, or borrow funds for special projects like purchasing equipment, or expanding your business.

Cash Management Services

Home Federal supports your business goals by providing customized comprehensive solutions to make everyday business money management as efficient and effective as possible.

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While celebrating your career move, don't be too quick to move on to a new business without considering a few other changes:

401(k) Rollover

Rolling over your 401(k) or moving it to your new employer's plan may be more beneficial to you than leaving it with your old employer. Let us help you understand your options.

Insurance Review

An insurance review can provide you and your family a greater sense of balance and security and may even offer an opportunity to consolidate coverage plans to save money.

Retirement Planning

Take a fresh look at your retirement projections and plan with a Home Federal advisor. We'll help you reassess your income stream, your optimum 401(k) participation level, and other options for long-term savings.


Retirement should be exhilarating, not frightening. Plan ahead and you'll be able to enjoy your retirement as intended!

Manage Your Worth

Management of your accumulated wealth is just as important as the years you spend saving it. Economic changes may affect your portfolio. Keep it up-to-date by speaking with a Home Federal advisor today.

Review Insurance Coverage

Whether you need a supplement health plan, or a life insurance plan, Home Federal's got you covered.

Plan Your Next Home

Need something smaller with less upkeep? Or perhaps looking to buy a weekend get-away cabin? Home Federal can make owning your next home easy.

Finance Your Recreation

Whether your adventures include taking an R.V. to visit the grandkids or a trip around the world, Home Federal can help you make it happen!


Home Ownership

Welcome Home! Our Loan officers are ready to help you through every stage of homeownership – as you plan to buy, when you purchase, and even after you own your home. Home Federal is with you, every step of the way.

Whether buying your first home, or a vacation home, Home Federal has solutions to fit your ever-changing needs.

Types of Loans Available

Having home loan know-how can make the entire mortgage process easier for you. Understanding the type of mortgage loan you qualify for can make a big difference in your down payment amount, and in your interest rate. Let us help find the right program for you.

Open a Checking Account

Did you know that your checking relationship with Home Federal can earn you discounted rates and fees? We appreciate our clients and want to provide you with the best value.


With interest rates near all-time lows, many homeowners are refinancing to take advantage of great savings. Let our Mortgage Specialists help you determine if refinancing makes sense for you.

Lower your monthly payment

Refinancing your current mortgage loan could help you lower your monthly payments and help you meet other financial goals.

Convert to a fixed rate

Now is the perfect time to convert your Adjustable Rate Mortgage to a fixed mortgage rate and payment.


Does your kitchen need an upgrade? Whether you envision a remodeling project or need to address emergency repairs, our loan options allow you to increase the value of one of your largest assets.

Home Equity Loan

Add value, not just space to your existing home through an Equity loan. Let us help you determine the right loan program to suit your home improvement needs.

Open a Checking Account

Did you know that your checking relationship with Home Federal can earn you discounted rates and fees? We appreciate our clients and want to provide you with the best value.

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Maintaining a solid credit history is an important part of managing your finances. A good credit record may make future borrowing easier and help you qualify for lower interest rates. Three large credit-reporting companies compile credit reports on millions of individuals and make those reports available to businesses. It is important to make sure the information in these reports is correct. Review your credit report annually to ensure all information is accurate.

You are entitled to one free credit report per year. Get yours by visiting

You may also request copies of your credit report by contacting any one of the following credit reporting companies:

Reports may differ between each of the three companies as each company gets information from multiple sources. If you find the information in your file to be inaccurate or unfair, you may take steps to correct or add to the information in your file. If a creditor has made an inaccurate complaint, you may insist, in writing, that the record be corrected. You may write to the credit bureau to request they correct their records as well.

Consumers may review the credit record of a business for a fee. To request a business credit record, contact Dun & Bradstreet at 1.800.234.3867. 


You’ve been looking forward to retirement for practically your entire life. Make sure you make the most of it when the time finally comes.

Maximize your retirement experience by considering each of the following items:

Marriage, divorce, death, and adoption are all reasons that someone may need to change their name or account status, and subsequently their account titling. To add, remove, or change a name or status on any of your Home Federal accounts, please call 1.888.489.5355 or visit your local branch.


Home Federal is an FDIC-insured institution, which means that your qualifying deposits are insured by the federal government. There are coverage limits and requirements that must be met.

To help you determine your insurance coverage, see the easy-to-use online FDIC tool called EDIE The Estimator below. To save time, have a list of your deposit accounts and the amount you have in each. If you have joint accounts or trust accounts that name beneficiaries, have those names, too. To evaluate business accounts, the business name and Employer Identification Number (EIN) will be required.

FDIC Insurance Calculator