Nonprofit Business Checking Accounts

At Home Federal, we understand that banking needs are different for a nonprofit organization or business.  To make sure that all of our business clients have access to the perfect account, we have a separate line of Nonprofit Business Checking accounts tailored to nonprofits.

Nonprofit Business Checking accounts include:

Nonprofit Checking

There is no minimum balance and you are allotted unlimited checks, deposits, and electronic credits and/or debits. Checks, debit cards, deposits, and electronic credits and/or debits all qualify as transaction items.

Nonprofit Interest Checking

This account is similar to our Business Checking, but for nonprofits. You receive unlimited deposit and check writing, and the ability to offset activity charges with maintained balances. Activity charges offset by balances may include checks or debits, deposits, deposit items, and electronic debits and/or credits. Excess is paid out to you as interest.

For more information about, or to apply for a Nonprofit Business Checking account, please contact one of our local business banking experts.

Other types of Business Checking accounts: