Manage Payables

Take the hassle out of paying your employees and vendors with any one or all of Home Federal’s Accounts Payable solutions. Direct deposit and bill payment are available online and via our mobile application.

Options include:

Electronic Deposits

This service allows you to transfer payments directly from your business account to the checking or savings account of an employee, retiree, taxpayer, shareholder, or vendor via ACH. You may choose to divide a single payment among several different accounts, or even among financial institutions.

Bill Pay

With the Business Bill Pay service, you may pay almost anyone, anytime, anywhere. The service allows you schedule payments in advance, or establish recurring payments. It also increases efficiency by letting you save payee information, review current and past transaction information, and grant access with limits to multiple users.

Business Credit Cards

There are a variety of Home Federal credit cards available strictly for businesses. To read about all of your options, click here. (You will be directed to a third-party site. It’s okay though – we promise we approve.)

Business Debit Cards

Carrying a business debit card is safer than carrying cash. Debit cards are more widely accepted than checks, and typically allow for quicker, easier transaction times. There are no monthly payments, no finance charges, and no reasons to write a check, show identification, or wait for approvals.

To learn more, or to sign up for any of the Manage Payable Services, please contact your local business banking expert.

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