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Switch to eStatements in Three Easy Steps

Products & Promotions | October 10, 2018

Switching to eStatements is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Login to your Online Banking account
    Just enter your User ID and Password in the upper right corner of this screen (or you can also login to your account on the Home Federal mobile banking app).

  2. Select “Manage Settings > eStatement Delivery” from the Online Banking menu
    The menu is located on the left of your online/mobile banking portal (click the green “Menu” button on the top left of your screen if the full menu doesn’t automatically display).

  3. Change “Paper Statement” to “E-Statement” and Save!
    Click on “Paper Statement” under “Delivery Type” on any applicable account displayed on your screen, select “E-Statement” from the dropdown that pops up, review and accept the delivery agreement, click “Save” and you’re set!

The Convenience of eStatements…

After the switch is made to eStatements, receiving and viewing your statement history will be more convenient than ever! No longer will you have to dig your paper statements out of your filing system or storage – you’ll be able to access your eStatements right from your online and/or mobile banking portal via the Menu > Account History > Statements & Notices. (On your first attempt to view statements, you may be asked to enter a randomly generated code to confirm you can open and view a pdf.)  You’ll be able to choose the account and the date you’re looking for from the dropdown menus, and voila! Your statement will show up on your screen without having to sort through a stack of paper statements. We’ll even email you every month to let you know your most recent statement is ready for viewing.

Thank you for helping Home Federal “go green” with eStatements! 


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