Earn Up to $400: Is it too good to be true?


People of different ages holding cash

The Best New Account Offer Around


Let's face it, the truth is you can open a checking account almost anywhere in today's world. Banks aren't doing you a favor by giving you a checking account – it's the other way around. At Home Federal, we know the value of a new client and we work hard to keep them for life. We are okay investing some cash to get your business. That's why we came up with what may seem like a "too good to be true" special: Our Earn $400 promotion. It is a way that clients can earn up to $400 in cash when they open a new account. Duh, we know we are spending some money up front, but in the long run, we believe you are worth it. 


Do you know who else is worth it? Our existing clients. Nothing's more frustrating than seeing perks go to new clients while the existing clients get nothing. That's why we intentionally created this promotion to have options – so we can reward those who already have an account with us as well


There are several ways you can get rewarded. Unlike many other bank promotions you may be seeing advertised, with our Earn $400 promotion, you don't have to participate in all four opportunities to earn some cash. Each opportunity for rewards is an option, and you're in charge! It's a great way to get money for opening a new checking or relationship money market account, or simply by adding on some beneficial services to the Home Federal checking account you already have. 


It's really quite simple: Open a checking account with direct deposit, add a debit card with CardValet, sign up for online banking with e-Statements, and/or open a relationship money market account with a specified balance. 

All the details are spelled out here. Read it and decide if it sounds good to you, then contact the Home Federal location nearest you to start reaping your reward(s)!