Borrower Delinquent Loan Disputes

If you have a complaint or dispute on behalf of yourself (the borrower), or are filing one as the borrower’s trusted advisor, housing counselor, federal agency or elected official that leads to but is not limited to the following, is considered by Home Federal to be an escalated case:

  • Allegations that the servicer did not evaluate the borrower for foreclosure prevention alternatives according to the Fannie Mae Servicing Guide or that the borrower was inappropriately denied a foreclosure prevention alternative;
  • Allegations of fraudulent servicing practices;
  • Inappropriate initiation or failure to suspend foreclosure actions in violation of Fannie Mae’s Servicing Guide;
  • Complaints threatening litigation; or
  • Violation of Fannie Mae policy timeframes for borrower outreach, evaluation, or the time permitted for borrower response.

Please initiate your inquiry via email to or you may contact Matt at 507.701.0748. You may also submit your escalated case to or contact Faith at 507.535.1240. When contacting, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name or, if you are initiating this case on behalf of a borrower, the borrower’s name and a written authorization of release
  • The loan number
  • Details of the complaint or dispute

Within three (3) business days upon receiving the above information, you will receive an acknowledgement in writing including the following:

  • The name of the contact person handling your case
  • A case reference name or number
  • A resolution date, not to exceed 30 days from receipt of your escalated case
  • Our toll-free escalation contact phone number.

Within five (5) business days of identifying the resolution and findings, we will communicate in writing the proposed resolution to the requestor and the borrower (as applicable) with any actions required to implement the resolution.