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What Can Happen If Your Credit/Debit Card is Compromised (And How this Easy Tool Protects Your Account From Fraud)

Banking Advice | August 14, 2018

Debit and Credit Card Fraud in the News


Liability Limits Protect You-/But It's Still A Hassle

Here’s the problem with that: If you don’t catch the fraudulent activity on your account, you actually do pay for it. If you do notice your account has been compromised you have to go through the hassle of getting a new card and updating all your automatic payment accounts.

This could actually cost you in late fees if you miss updating an automatic payment. Although there are liability limits, isn’t it best to avoid all the hassle in the first place, especially when there are [free] tools available today that protect your cards and accounts from fraud?

This Free And Simple Tool Protects Your Credit And Debit Accounts From Fraud

Skeptical? You might think free sounds too good to be true but it really is a free service to consumers. Financial institutions incur a cost when consumer accounts are compromised, and if it’s a big breach, it can be very costly. That’s why they have invested big time in tools that keep your account protected. Plus, they know that if the tools aren’t easy and even fun to use, consumers won’t use them. At Home Federal, we use a tool called CardGuard​. It was a favorite pick of tools among our employees, who also happen to be our clients.

“Our client’s security is a top priority at Home Federal. We discuss it every day and have specialists that continually monitor our client accounts. We take the responsibility of keeping our client’s money safe which is why we provide free tools like ​CardGuard.​”

-Brad Krehbiel, President and CEO - Home Federal 



Why Our Employees And Clients Love CardGuard

CardGuard can be downloaded in minutes from the ​Apple Store​ or ​Google Play (remember-it is free.)

Once you’ve connected your account(s) you can easily customize ​CardGuard to do things like:

  • Turn your debit card on or off
  • Set spending limits on family members or employees (yes, you can use it on business accounts, too)
  • Get notifications
  • Limit merchant locations
  • Works with your GPS to alert you if spending occurs outside a geographic location
  • And much more...it's up to you!

Keep your credit or debit cards safe from fraudulent activity by accessing CardGuard through our mobile banking app.

Note: CardGuard was previously known as CardValet and are the same product. 




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