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Set Up Alert on IRS Deposits

Tips & Tricks | April 23, 2020

Sick of continually checking your account(s) to see if a deposit has been made from the IRS? Whether you’re waiting for your tax refund or your stimulus payment, you can set up an alert in your online banking portal to be automatically notified of any IRS deposit to your account(s) as soon as they occur.

Setting up an alert is simple:

1.Log into your online banking portal.
This can be done on your computer via JustCallHome.com or by logging in to your Home Federal Mobile Banking app on your smartphone.
Home Federal Online Banking Home Page


2.On the “Manage Settings” tab of the main menu, choose “Alerts.”
Home Federal Online Banking Alerts

3.In the top right of your screen, click on the “New Alert” dropdown menu and choose “History Alert.”
Home Federal Online Banking Setting Up Alerts

4.Choose the account you want your alert to reference.
The account you select should be the same account the IRS has on file from your most recently filed tax return or the account you provided on IRS.gov specifically for your stimulus payment (more information about IRS.gov further below).
Home Federal Online Banking New Alert

5.Choose “Description” from the list of transaction types.
Home Federal Online Banking Alerts

6.Enter “IRS” in the description field and click "Set."
Home Federal Online Banking Alerts

7.Select your preferred delivery method for your alert from the dropdown menu.
Your options are secure message, phone call, or text alert.
Home Federal Online Banking Alerts

8.Fill in your delivery method information and click “Save.”
Regardless of if your contact information on file is accurate, you’ll still be asked to provide your preferred email or phone number for your alert.
Home Federal Online Banking Alerts


That’s it! You’ll be notified as soon as a deposit from the IRS appears in your account!

FYI – all your alerts, once saved, are always accessible on the main “Alerts” screen of your account.

Not sure if the IRS has your bank information?

You can check the status of your stimulus payment (aka 2020 Economic Impact Payment) on the IRS website.  Simply select “Get My Payment” on the webpage and follow the prompts. This webpage will also have valuable information for many frequently asked questions in regards to stimulus payments.


IRS Get My Payment

We want you to know that we are here to help keep your banking convenient and as stress-free as possible during the current COVID-19 pandemic, however we are unable to provide answers in regards to the status of IRS deposits to your accounts. Please refer to tools such as “Get My Payment” as linked to above or reach out directly to the Internal Revenue Service for any question regarding payment status.


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