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Products & Promotions | November 13, 2019

Making Moving a Breeze!

What is a GOTrailer?

At Home Federal, one of our main goals is to make things easier and more convenient for our clients… while (hopefully) saving them money as well! As relationships with our clients grow, and financial needs and goals change, we typically hear about stressors in life beyond just money. For example, we had heard through conversations with our clients about instances of needing to move their child into a dorm, moving to a newly purchased home, setting up community events, etc. After hearing enough of these stories, we decided to offer our clients on-the-GO access to an enclosed Trailer to make their hauling easier – and FREE – which is how GOTrailer came to be!


How Many GOTrailers are there?

Our first GOTrailer hit the streets in 2017 in the Rochester market (you may have seen it in the lot of our West Circle branch when not in use), and after countless clients put on the tires and kept the GOTrailer's calendar full, we decided it was time to expand our fleet and our geographical reach.  In June 2019, we added our second GOTrailer to be based out of our Spring Valley branch.

How do I reserve a GOTrailer?

Either GOTrailer is available for use for all Home Federal clients on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the best part: they're FREE to use!  No more money needed to be spent renting a tailer or making trip after trip with just a car or SUV.


To reserve a GOTrailer, all you have to do is just give us a call to check availability.  Visit our GOTrailer page to find the reservation phone number for each GOTrailer location, as well as additional information about the trailers and what you need to get us (and your stuff) from point A to point B.

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