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Featured Employee | May 8, 2019

He's Not Your Average Joe: Meet Joe Langel

This concept may sound strange, but shouldn’t be taken for granted, as Joe’s been in — and currently maintains! — a LOT of relationships [as a business banker] and can speak from experience. “Talking about banking and finances can be intimidating for many,” acknowledges Joe. “By being readily available and genuinely interested in my client’s long-term business goals, financial goals, and personal goals, a relationship is formed in a way that allows me to be better equipped to help them achieve their goals, and my client is more comfortable discussing and allowing me to assist with their banking needs.”

He’s not the only one who believes relationship banking can lead to better success for his clients. The entire business banking team at Home Federal thrives on this concept, thanks in part to Joe’s leadership in his role as Senior Vice President and Director of Business Banking that he’s held since summer of 2017.

With more than 15 years of leadership in the industry, Joe Langel has made moves in the realm of business banking over the years — from Primebank to Bremer Bank to his current position at Home Federal.

When asked how Home Federal compares to other banks he’s worked at, Joe answers, “Home Federal is a fantastic company and has so many great qualities, but there are two things that really made me want to work here. First, Home Federal is a community bank that believes in legitimately customized service for our clients, which means we don’t have to continually try and fit each client within a predetermined box. Secondly, they allow us to make decisions for our clients in house locally, right here in Rochester — no calling up the proverbial ladder for a decision from a stranger out of state who knows nothing about our clients.”

If that’s not enough to demonstrate how much Joe genuinely cares about his clients, how he defines success is what really sets him apart as a business banker. “I can only be as successful as the clients I serve. Every day I just try to do a lot of little things right and help my clients in any way I can. If, at the end of the day, my clients are successful, then I’ll feel like I’ve succeeded at my job.”

Joe knows that navigating the banking process can be stressful as a business owner, but the stress can be avoided by finding the right relationship first. Home Federal is built on relationships and lives by their mission of, “Enhancing the financial well-being of our clients and community one relationship at a time.”

If you own a business and your business banker isn’t making the time to get to know you, then consider getting to know Joe. He’s not your average Joe — just ask his wife, his children, or any one of his 65 first cousins.

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