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Earn Cash Back for Safeguarding Your Spending

Products & Promotions | November 29, 2021

When it comes to banking, Home Federal knows that not much matters more than security and convenience. If you’re looking for ways to safeguard your spending – and earn a little cash while you’re at it ­– consider using CardGuard and your phone’s mobile wallet. After all, they’re both already accessible from the palm of your hand (the hand that holds your smart phone anyway) and come with cash back offers as part of our 2021 Mix & Match promotion.

Monitor Your Card’s Activity with CardGuard

CardGuard is a free service that protects your information and monitors the spending on your accounts 24/7 and is available directly from the Home Federal mobile banking app. With CardGuard, you can create spending limits for you and your family members. Set transaction alerts based on amounts, locations, or merchant types, and CardGuard will let you know if a transaction falls outside those parameters. You can even turn your debit card ON or OFF anytime, anywhere – which is great in the off chance you misplace or lose your card. All of this can be done right from your smart phone.

If you don’t already have a debit card for your Home Federal checking account, now’s the time to request one (it’s free!). Once you have it, attach your Home Federal debit card to your CardGuard account and you could earn $50!* Safeguard your spending and put some money in your pocket at the same time.

Leave Your Debit Card at Home

Have you ever seen this contactless symbol in the check out lane and wonder what it was for?  

If so, it’s probably safe to assume you’re not using your smart phone’s mobile wallet yet. Using your phone’s mobile wallet to pay when out shopping not only allows you to leave your debit card at home, but it’s also a safer way to pay than swiping or inserting your debit card.

We love the added security of mobile wallets so much, that we’re offering $50** cash back for using your mobile wallet as part of our Mix & Match promotion. Simply load your debit card information into your phone’s mobile wallet and start using today to not only earn cash, but also to enjoy the many benefits including, but not limited to: reduced risk of fraud, improved transaction security, quicker transactions, and the luxury of leaving (or forgetting) your debit card safe at home.

At the end of the day, Home Federal wants you to have a convenient and secure experience with banking. So don’t delay on using these free services, as you may just end up $100 richer.

(Don’t have a Home Federal checking account yet? Open an account today to take advantage of the offers above.)

* Checking account linked to new debit card must not have had a debit card in the last 12 months. Account ownership styling and transaction authority may disqualify eligibility to receive the $50 reward. One $50 reward will be given per client, not per card used. $50 reward will be credited to the account within 60 days of meeting the installation of the CardGuard application requirement. CardGuard requires the Debit Card to be activated. Qualifications must be met by 12/31/2021. $50 reward will be reported as interest on IRS Form 1099-INT.

** Debit card linked to Mobile Wallet must not have been activated in any Mobile Wallet in the last 12 months. A minimum of 15 debit card transactions must be recorded within 45 days of Mobile Wallet activation. $50 reward will be credited to the account within 60 days of meeting the transaction amount requirement. Mobile Wallets require the Debit Card to be activated. Activation qualification must be met by 12/31/2021 (15 transactions qualification within 45 days of activation or by 02/14/2022, whichever comes sooner). $50 reward will be reported as interest on IRS Form 1099-INT. Other restrictions may apply. This offer is subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice.

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