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Do You Know Someone Doing Great Things in the Community?

Community Roots | May 24, 2022

If you know a deserving local worth being recognized for their humanitarian or philanthropic efforts, let us know who they are so we can reward those individuals with $1,000 in Seed Money.

Seed Money is a campaign developed as an extension of our Community Roots initiative and our way to support the individuals who are supporting and growing our communities. Many people know seed money in the traditional sense, which is to help businesses get started. However, we are looking to give at least 10 individual do-gooders in the communities we serve $1,000 in cash, simply for their contributions towards helping our communities grow – hence the name Seed Money.

The problem is we cannot reward or recognize these unsung heroes without your help because, while we may not see these individuals, you do! This is why we are calling for Seed Money nominations! You know these individuals – the altruists, philanthropists, and humanitarians, the ones who go above and beyond to make sure the communities we serve continue to grow in positive ways.

Your Nominee Could Be:  

  • Jenny down the street who continually makes sure our community is free of litter on her daily walk after she gets off work.
  • Chad who collects various winter coats to donate to those in need during the cold winter months.
  • Rachel who fosters rescue animals and trains them for their future forever homes.
  • Lucas who mentors underprivileged youth to help them be prepared for their futures.
  • Susie who helps put on the large fundraising event(s) in town.

What do Jenny, Chad, Rachel, Lucas, and Susie all have in common? They are working to grow the community and make it a better place. While they may not announce that they perform these acts, you see them and appreciate them. Deep down you also know that, without them, the community would not be the same. These individuals are perfect fit for a nomination for our Seed Money campaign. A nomination gives them a chance to be one of the 10+ individuals who will be recognized and rewarded for their tireless efforts to make our community better.

When you let us know who these individuals are, we can work together to reward and recognize them for the positive impact they make on the community. We are now accepting nominations to begin rewarding these individuals. Feel free to nominate that individual here or stop into your local Home Federal branch between now and October 1, 2022.

Help us support the unsung heroes in the communities we serve. By submitting a nomination for Home Federal’s Seed Money, you’ll be able to help us give today to help grow tomorrow.

Nominate Them Today

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