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Community Roots: Volunteer Profiles

Community | February 21, 2019

Bob Baudhuin, Kevin LaFrance, Tyler Himle

Strengthening Communities through Volunteering and Giving

At Home Federal, we understand that the strength of a community – or its roots – is directly tied to the individuals, organizations, and businesses that make up that community. Built off the mantra of “Give Today to Help Grow Tomorrow,” Community Roots was created to help strengthen communities through volunteering, charitable giving, and supporting each and every client and community member within the local areas we serve.

In this article, we have highlighted three of our Home Federal team members. Discover the organizations they volunteer for and why they are passionate about these causes.

Community Roots Volunteer Profiles:
Bob Baudhuin, Kevin LaFrance, & Tyler Himle

Robert Baudhuin

Bob Baudhuin • Market Vice President • Rochester - West Circle Drive

VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION: Zumbro Valley Medical Society Alliance (ZVMSA)
WHAT YOU DO FOR THEM: Current Member, Past Board Member, Treasurer
WHY ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS ORGANIZATION: The ZVMSA is comprised of spouses of physicians, medical students, and medical researchers. It is a diverse group of individuals all coming together for the same purpose: to work together to improve community health. The ZVMSA promotes health education and awareness through community outreach projects. For example, they have staffed a story hour at Olmsted County Public Health for more than 20 years, they have a Valentine’s Day basket fundraiser to benefit nursing scholarships (and sponsor a nursing education scholarship each year), and they support local community and global outreach groups. They also support legislation that assures quality healthcare. The Alliance’s focus on community ties aligns well with Home Federal’s focus. I am proud to be involved with the ZVMSA due to its long and storied history of community outreach projects that support the health and well-being of our community. Being a part of this alliance has enabled me to connect with others and meet new people that are also interested in the concerns of health and our community.  

Kevin LaFrance

Kevin LaFrance • Market Vice President • Albert Lea

WHY ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS ORGANIZATION: This is a great organization to be a part of. We financially assist groups that hold events in Albert Lea, MN. The majority of the time these events are put on by nonprofit groups or individuals looking to bring something exciting to the city, selflessly, without getting any financial benefit for their efforts. We get to be a part of helping make these events happen.  


Tyler Himle

Tyler Himle • Lead Teller • Rochester - Crossroads

VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION: Kingsland Athletic Booster Club, Tri-County Trailblazers, Upper Root River Ducks Unlimited Chapter
HOW LONG HAVE YOU VOLUNTEERED FOR THEM: One to four years with the various organizations.
WHAT YOU DO FOR THEM: Within each of these organizations, I do something a little different. I am a committee member, board member, and also a treasurer.
WHY ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS ORGANIZATION: Each of these organizations has had major impacts on my life growing up and also continue to have an impact today. I help because I want to give back just as those before me did. Without volunteers, these organizations – and organizations all over – wouldn’t be able to function or help out the cause they were founded to assist. I think it is very important to be active in your community. A person doesn’t always need to be a council member or a board member, just simply volunteering your time, even for a few hours, can be very helpful. As people see others around them volunteering, especially those they know, they will be more likely to give their time to help as well. Volunteering can be contagious!  



It Takes a Village

We strongly believe that “it takes a village.” That’s why we encourage each of our employees to get out and volunteer their time, as well as support each and every one of our clients and community members in their quests to give back as well – whether it’s with their time or their money. If we can all work together and give a little more back every year, our communities will continue to thrive.


Stay tuned for more featured employees in upcoming articles!


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