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Community Roots: Volunteer Profiles

Community | July 25, 2019

Doreen Gillard, Amanda Gunderson, and Jason Madson

Strengthening Communities through Volunteering and Giving

At Home Federal, we understand that the strength of a community – or its roots – is directly tied to the individuals, organizations, and businesses that make up that community. Built off the mantra of “Give Today to Help Grow Tomorrow,” Community Roots was created to help strengthen communities through volunteering, charitable giving, and supporting each and every client and community member within the local areas we serve.

In this article, we have highlighted three of our Home Federal team members. Discover the organizations they volunteer for and why they are passionate about these causes.

Community Roots Volunteer Profiles:
Doreen Gillard, Amanda Gunderson, and Jason Madson

Doreen Gillard

Doreen Gillard • Banking Specialist • Austin, MN

VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS: Bowling for the Battle, The Fight Against Prostate Cancer, Paint the Town Pink, Austin Noon Lions
WHAT YOU DO FOR THEM: Bowling for the Battle - As an organizer, my family and I have set up to help fund seed grants for the Hormel Institute. We have raised over $200,000. Last year we were able to fund a couple of seed grants, which provided $2.2 million for the prostate cancer lab at the Hormel Institute. This year was our largest year yet raising over $67,000 in one day. This wouldn't be possible without the help and generosity of many people. Brenda Finley, my coworker, has been a wonderful volunteer. We work on this event for months and the outcome is always so rewarding. The Hormel Institute uses 100% of the funds for research
Austin Noon Lions - Treasurer.
Paint the Town Pink - Volunteer at events to raise money for breast cancer research.
WHY ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING: Our family started Bowling for the Battle event because my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 50 years old. He is still taking treatment after many surgeries. The event helps raise awareness so more will get tested. I toured the Hormel Institute and could hear and feel the excitement of the scientists. They are dedicated to curing and treating all cancers. It fills me with great pride that the Hormel Institute is right in our backyard. My family's passion is to help these scientists by providing the funding needed to do their work. I am proud that Home Federal has always been a sponsor of Bowling for the Battle. Who knows, maybe an answer to cancer will be found right here in Austin, MN. Wouldn't that be great!!  

Amanda Gunderson

Amanda Gunderson • Branch Manager • Austin, MN

VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS: Austin Noon Kiwanis, Paint the Town Pink, and Austin Chamber of Commerce
WHAT YOU DO FOR THEM: Austin Noon Kiwanis - President and past fund-raising committee chair. Our Kiwanis Club helps raise funds for kids! We give scholarships, purchase playground equipment, support our local Robotics teams, helped finance the Woodson Kindergarten Greenhouse, put on the Annual Pinewood Derby, and much more.
Paint the Town Pink - Volunteer. I organize an annual Craft Show at our Home Federal branch. Proceeds are donated to the Hormel Institute for breast cancer research.
Austin Chamber of Commerce - Ambassador. Being an ambassador gives me the opportunity to be an active leader in my community by participating in local community events such as our Business After Hours, Amigo Day, Christmas in the City, and the 4th of July Freedom Festival.
WHY ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT THESE ORGANIZATIONS: Volunteering simply makes me happy. I've witnessed such generosity and kindness in those around me and it makes me proud to be a member of each of these organizations.  


Jason Madson

Jason Madson • Vice President/Business Banking Officer • Eagan, MN

WHAT YOU DO FOR THEM: The Eagan Kick-Start Rotary Club has a number of service projects throughout the year in the Eagan Community. We volunteer monthly at The Open Door Food Pantry helping stock shelves and shopping with clients. A typical evening is 20 to 25 families arriving at the Pantry. Families select their own food and club members help them shop. The club also participates in the Adopt a Street Program and adopted O'Neil Drive in Eagan, which is by the new Minnesota Vikings facility. We clean the street twice a year.
DARTS is a nonprofit organization providing services for older adults. The club has participated in spring/fall clean-up to help older adults clean their yards.
WHY ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT THESE ORGANIZATIONS: The club raises much-needed money and provides services for organizations and individuals located in the Eagan community.  




It Takes a Village

We strongly believe that “it takes a village.” That’s why we encourage each of our employees to get out and volunteer their time, as well as support each and every one of our clients and community members in their quests to give back – whether it’s with their time or their money. If we can all work together and give a little more back every year, our communities will continue to thrive.


Stay tuned for more featured employees in upcoming articles!


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