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Bring Your Financial Safety Home With CardGuard

Products & Services | December 22, 2021

CardGuard helps you control your Home Federal debit cards through your mobile device, making it easy to set alerts and manage your finances on the go. Access CardGuard directly from the menu in your online or mobile banking account. Then you can create spending limits, set transaction alerts, receive instant notifications, and turn your debit card ON or OFF straight from your smartphone. CardGuard is truly debit card management at your fingertips.

Control Spending

CardGuard makes it easy for families and employers to establish and stick to a budget. You can set spending limits for general use or specific limits by merchant types, such as gas, groceries or retail stores. If you’re heading out of town or making a large purchase, CardGuard lets you change location and spending parameters with ease. Simply update your transaction controls to fit your spending needs.

Guard Against Fraud

Home Federal is constantly working to protect you and your accounts from online fraud and identity theft.  If your debit card is lost or stolen, use CardGuard to turn your card off and help safeguard against fraud. When your card is “off,” no withdrawals or purchases will be approved. Take advantage of real time alerts to keep you informed when your card is used or declined and location restrictions for an added layer of protection.

Protect Your Business

CardGuard is a great tool for controlling business expenditures and ensuring employees are following company policies. Use the transaction controls to establish spending limits, merchant types, and geographic locations. Review balances, monitor finances, and check account transactions all on your mobile device.

Take control of your Home Federal debit card with CardGuard today. Are you a previous CardValet user? You'll be able to easily migrate from CardValet to CardGuard using these instructions. If you have additional questions regarding CardGuard, please contact us!

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