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6 Things to Expect from Our New & Improved Website

Company News | July 2, 2018

Welcome to Our New Website


 The “new” is obvious by look alone (a bit more current and clean, if you ask us), but the “improved” part lies within the following six areas: 

  1. Mobile-Friendly Interface

    Did you ever try to visit our previous website on your smartphone or tablet? You probably recall continually having to zoom in, having trouble clicking on teeny tiny links, etc. That’s because our previous site was not optimized for mobile-responsiveness. That’s all changed. Now you can access our website just as easily on your mobile devices as you can from your personal computer.

  2. User-Friendly Navigation

    We put a lot of thought into our navigation, in hopes of making your ability to find the information you’re looking for quicker and easier than ever before. No more having to dig through tabs within pages like our previous site!

  3. Handy "I Want To..." Section

    Speaking of navigation, we developed a tab that helps give you exactly what you want. Do you want to apply for a loan? Do you want to learn more about Jubilee? Do you simply want to view the current mortgage rates? You should be able to get all your wants and needs fulfilled in this handy section.

  4. Blog w/ Tips & Advice

    Considering all the products and features we offer, we figured a little advice on how to best utilize them wouldn’t hurt. Not only that, but our local banking experts have a lot of knowledge in their heads that you’ve probably not been able to tap into just yet (or perhaps are too afraid to ask?). Both were reason enough to create a blog, where you’ll be able to find a plethora of beneficial tips, tricks, information, and advice when it comes to banking, lending, fraud protection, and more. Check back often!

  5. Upcoming Events

    We host a lot of events. We sponsor a lot of events. We attend a lot of events. Now you can find out what we’re up to, events you should attend yourself, and events that help support the communities we serve.

  6. Search Functionality

    Is there something we haven’t mentioned yet that you’re wondering about? You can probably search for it! Our site is now entirely searchable, just enter what you’re looking for where you see the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your screen, just below the online banking login fields.

We hope you take time to explore all that the new site has to offer. It should be easier to navigate as well as provide you with regularly updated content that you’ll want to come back and check out time and time again!

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