Tips for Saving $1,000+ for Christmas

It happens every year. You know it’s coming, but still, you are caught off guard when it comes to financing the holidays. According to the National Retail Federation, people spend an average of $967.13 on Christmas and holiday gifts each year. If you are hosting the meal or any parties the price tag can go up another $200 - $1,000. Here are three steps you can take to stay within your means this year:

Switch to eStatements in Three Easy Steps


If you’re ready to say goodbye to paper statements and embrace the environmental friendliness and conveniences that eStatements offer, you can easily switch from paper statement delivery to eStatements right from your online banking account.


How Much Will My [Mortgage, Car, Student Loan] Payment Be

Helpful Financial Calculator Tools You Need In 2018

If you plan on making a major purchase, or if you have decided to establish a debt repayment plan, one of the best places to start is with a financial calculator tool.


Home Federal Spotlight Series

Straightforward Simplicity: Meet Missy

Straightforward and simplified results are the name of the game when it comes to working with Missy Hale.

From college to her current position at Home Federal, Missy brings a drive for success like no other, with an incredible knack for simplifying complex processes to get straightforward results.

6 Things to Expect from Our New & Improved Website

New & Improved

While our old website is tried and true, it was definitely time for something new! Welcome to the new and improved – created entirely with you, our client, in mind. The “new” is obvious by look alone (a bit more current and clean, if you ask us), but the “improved” part lies within the following six areas: 

He’s not your average Joe

Joe Langel believes that if you own a business, you should be in a relationship...

…with your business banker.

What Can Happen If Your Credit/Debit Card is Compromised (And How this Easy Tool Protects Your Account From Fraud)

Debit and Credit Card Fraud in the News

All too frequently you hear in the news of another debit/credit card breach. Risk to consumers is low when your debit or credit card has been compromised because you can always cancel it. Right? Not so fast.

Travel Club (Jubilee): The Best Travel Club In SE MN & Northern IA

[Get in On the Best Vacations for People 55 and Better!]


Are you 55 or better? Do you love to travel? Then travel the easy and carefree way by joining SE Minnesota/Northern Iowa’s ​Jubilee Travel Club​. It’s FREE with a qualifying Home Federal account. Jubilee Travel Club offers great opportunities to travel, learn and socialize.​ It is the most active club in the area​, with something for every interest.