Introducing Our 2022 Seed Money Campaign

Here at Home Federal, we believe in... 

Giving Today to Help Grow Tomorrow.

So this year, we're giving away thousands of dollars in Seed Money to reward those who go above and beyond in the communities we serve.  

What is Seed Money?

Seed Money is our way of supporting local residents who support our communities. We're not talking about seed money in the startup sense for businesses. Instead, we want to reward individuals who go above and beyond to help others by giving away $1,000 in "Seed Money" simply to recognize them for the good they do in their community.

Now that we're well into 2022, we feel it's time to get back to highlighting what it is that makes our communities great – the local unsung heroes. The altruists, philanthropists, and humanitarians who would probably never describe themselves in these terms. Those who work tirelessly without complaint and typically behind the scenes to make sure the community doesn't go without. As part of our Community Roots Initiative, this Seed Money campaign was created to recognize these people, because giving to those who already give so much for our community we hope will only inspire and help further grow our communities for the future.  

Do you know someone doing great things for the community?

Tell us about who you know who deserves to be recognized with a little extra Seed Money. Let’s start growing our communities by giving to those who help make them great.

Nominate Them TodayTerms & Conditions

At least 10 nominated locals will receive $1,000 in Seed Money between now and December 2022 to help them continue to support the communities they live in. Follow along with us throughout the year as we reward recipients, shed light on their efforts, and give them the recognition they deserve.

Get your nominations in now, and stay tuned to see who the recipients are!

Seed Money Planted in Our Communities (Coming Soon!)

Find more videos and photos from our Seed Money campaign on our social media platforms.



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