Personal Loans

Personal loans tend to be considered the “catch-all” of lending solutions. If you need personal funding, but you aren’t constructing a new home, purchasing an existing home, or fixing up a home, you’re probably considering a personal loan.


The most popular types of personal loans for qualified borrowers include term loans and lines of credit.


Term loans, which are loans set up to be paid off in a predetermined time frame, allow for the borrower to receive all funds up front and pay off monthly through the length of the term.


A line of credit is an amount of funds/credit available – that may be used as needed and are great for overdraft protection purposes when life's expenses come up unexpectedly.


Popular types of personal term loans offered by Home Federal include:

  Unsecured Loans Auto Loans Recreational Loans Savings Loans
Description A term loan that doesn't require collateral. Personal loans for purchasing or refinancing a vehicle. Personal loans for the purchase of RVs, ATVs, and other recreational equipment. Quick and inexpensive personal loans using the money in your savings account as collateral.
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For more information about personal loans, please contact our Consumer Lending Team.

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