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Kasson, MN & Owatonna, MN Areas

NMLS# 516999

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With more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry, Molly always keeps her client's interests in mind when she's guiding them through the home loan process.  Molly loves building long-lasting relationships with her clients as she helps them finance their purchase.  When you choose Molly as your Mortgage Lender, you'll have access to Home Federal's competitive rates and financing programs that best fit your personal financial situation.

First time buying a home?

Beginning the home buying process for the first time can sometimes feel stressful or overwhelming.  How much should you save for a down payment?  What's required throughout the mortgage process?  Sitting down for a no-pressure meeting with Molly will give you an opportunity to get to know one another and find out how much you're pre-approved for.  The first-time homebuyer programs.

Molly's advice: "Give yourself enough time!  The length of time the home buying process takes from start to finish - and the documentation that is required - is typically surprising to homebuyers."

Looking to buy your next home?

Whether you're buying a "home away from home" or a rental property across town, Molly can help you find the next home loan that's right for you.  Ask Molly about taking out a conventional mortgage or a loan for building a new home.

Interested in refinancing an existing loan?

Interest rates could have changed since you took out your mortgage, so it may be worthwhile to consider refinancing.  Refinancing could help you decrease the term of your loan, consolidate debt, lower your monthly payment, or remove your mortgage insurance.


If you have any questions about the home loan that's right for you, reach out to Molly directly or apply for a mortgage loan now.


“Molly was great and I would recommend her to anybody interested in a new or refinance mortgage.  Molly made the process as simple as possible and allowed me to do everything through email which helped tremendously!”
“Molly has made this experience very easy and she has been so helpful with the whole process.  I feel she has went way above and beyond  to make me comfortable with everything that goes with buying a home.  I will be recommending Home Federal and Molly to everyone that I know who is purchasing anything and needs financing.”
“We can't thank Molly enough for all of her time and effort in helping us finance the building of our dream home. While we don't plan on moving anytime soon, Molly is the only mortgage lender we will ever work with and we of course highly recommend her to all of our friends!”


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Molly Barwald
Molly Barwald
NMLS# 516999