We’re Proud of Our Community Roots

Since 1934, Home Federal has been committed to serving both its clients and the local communities in which each branch is located. Now, more than 85 years later, giving back has become more important to the company and its employees than ever before. Collectively, the various Home Federal locations throughout southeast Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin all continually strive to donate both time and money through their Community Roots initiative to give back to the communities they serve.

What is Community Roots?

A tree stands strong not by its fruits or branches, but by the depth of its roots.
- Anthony Liccione


At Home Federal, we understand that the strength of a community–or its roots–is directly tied to the individuals, organizations, and businesses that make up that community. Built off the mantra of “Give Today to Help Grow Tomorrow,” Community Roots was created to help strengthen communities through volunteering, charitable giving, and supporting each and every client and community member within the local areas we serve.


We know that we’re not the only company that gives back, and we strongly believe that “it takes a village.” That’s why we encourage each of our employees to get out and volunteer their time, as well as support each and every one of our clients and community members in their quests to give back as well – whether it’s with their time or their money. If we can all work together and give a little more back every year, our communities will continue to thrive.

Read on to see what we’ve done in the last few years…


From Last Year Alone...


The number of organizations Home Federal donated to in 2021.


The percentage of donation recipients that were non-profits who focus on human services.


The total amount donated to the 58 organizations in 2021.


The number of hours that Home Federal employees volunteered last year.


In Total, Since 2017...


The total number of organizations Home Federal has donated to since 2017. 


The total percentage of donation recipients since 2017 that were non-profits who focus on human services.


The total amount donated to various organizations since 2017.


The number of hours since 2017 that Home Federal employees have volunteered.


Community Roots in Action

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